James Haddock

James Haddock

James has a diverse practice at Blackburn Chambers in Canberra. His focus is in family law with a particular emphasis on complex parenting disputes. He also has experience with complex advocacy, appellate, and appearance work in the Federal Circuit Court, The Family Court, the Children’s Court and the Supreme Court. James is the current Vice President of the Canberra Region Family Law Professionals Association.

In 2018 & 2019 James was recognised as a Leading Family Law Barrister for the ACT in Doyle’s Guide.

James has no interest in achieving a work/life balance as he believes work is life. And he has no interest in golf. He has an unfortunate addiction to peanut MnMs and Twix bars.

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Practice areas

Criminal law
Family law


  • Sasko and Radavich [2016] FamCAFC 179. This matter involved a complex appeal from a final
    parenting determination. Appearance as the Independent Children’s Lawyer. Sought and achieved
    dismissal of the appeal with an order for costs.
  • Phillips and Hansford [2015] FamCAFC 46—This matter involved application to extend time for an
    appeal. Appeared and achieved outcome sought.
  • Holsworth and Holsworth [2016] FamCAFC 98. This matter involved two complex appeals made by
    a mother to an interim parenting determination. Appeared as Independent Children’s Lawyer.
    Achieved dismissal of the appeal and order for costs as sought.
  • Rasmussen and Rasmussen and Anor [2015] FamCA 1002. This matter involved complex interim
    parenting arrangements. Achieved orders sought.
  • Geary and Maddigan and Anor [2016] FamCA 1069. This matter involved complex parenting
    proceedings including allegations of physical and sexual assault of a child. Achieved orders sought.
  • Gatting and Snell and Ors [2017] FamCA 777. This matter involved a major parenting dispute and a
    nine-day hearing. Appeared as Independent Children’s Lawyer and achieved outcome sought.
  • Dundas and Duffy and Ors [2017] FCCA 1928—Complex parenting matter involving indigenous
    cultural issues and interim adjournment application during trial. Appeared as Independent Children’s
    Lawyer and achieved outcome sought.
  • Keeley and Ness [2017] FCCA 644—Parenting matter involving relocation. Appeared for the
    applicant mother. Alternative Orders Sought adopted by the Court.
  • Giddens and Giddens [2016] FCCA 3201—Contempt proceedings. Appeared for party in contempt.
    Client received lowest custodial sentence ever ordered in family law proceedings for offence of that


  • ‘Conducting Interlocutory Proceedings’ [2017] ACT Young Lawyer’s Committee.
  • ‘Interim Proceedings in Family Law’ [2017] Canberra Regional Family Law Professionals Association
  • ‘Acting for a Parent in the Children’s Court’ [2016] Family Law Pathways Network