Becoming a member of Canberra's Premier Barristers' Chambers

Blackburn Chambers provides a “full service” set of chambers to its members.  Our view is that a model that maximises the time that barristers can devote to remunerative legal work by minimising the time that they have to spend on administrative and other non-remunerative distractions is a good one.

We have a dedicated Clerk and administrative assistants to attend to a variety of tasks, including legal research.  We also believe that we minimise costs and maximise outcomes by co-operative central purchasing of key items like research materials, IT, insurance and promotional expenditure.

Blackburn Chambers has an extensive library consisting of over 800 textbooks and loose-leaf services. It also has over 90 law reports series, including full sets of authorised reports from all major Australian courts and tribunals.  In addition, the library subscribes to commercial online databases.

In recognition of the need to assist greater numbers of barristers to join the Bar, and in an attempt to assist such barristers wishing both to participate in family life and to maintain their professional career, Blackburn Chambers has resolved to create the “Blackburn Chambers Parental Fee Relief Policy”.

The Program is available to all barristers who are practising at Blackburn Chambers.

Participants in the program will be entitled to take leave from Chambers for up to 12 months and retain a room in Chambers during that period, upon payment of floor fees at readers’ rates.

This program is intended to alleviate some of the financial burden associated for practitioners who wish to maintain their professional career and participate in family life.

We hope that this policy encourages barristers to join the ACT Bar and assists those practising as Barristers at Blackburn Chambers.

For a full range of membership benefits and services, please contact the Clerk.

Barristers’ chambers announce ACT-first parental leave policy (Canberra Times)